Puerto dePollensa

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Puerto de Pollensa

Located on the north coast of the island of Mallorca, Puerto de Pollensa is one of the main tourist destinations on the Balearic coast.

Its beaches, coves, restaurants and climate make the area one of the most visited during the summer in Mallorca. Tourists come mainly from the UK and Germany, with many families returning year after year to enjoy their stay in Puerto Pollensa.



The area offers visitors multiple points of interest. Not only are there beaches with crystal clear waters, but Puerto de Pollensa is located at the end of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



You can find all types of accommodation in the area. If you plan on spending a few days here, one of the most interesting options may be an apartment or aparthotel. The best experience is guaranteed at Massol Apartments.

North Coast

North Coast

In Puerto Pollensa, you’ll find some of the most unique coves and beaches on the north coast of Mallorca. Some can only be accessed by sea, but there are many options within walking distance.

Puerto de
quay, ‘Eu Moll’

Traditional boats in Puerto de Pollensa

The Port of Pollensa quay

Puerto de Pollensa
quay, ‘Eu Moll’

The central or best known area of Puerto de Pollensa is the dock area or, as locals call it, ‘eu moll’ (the quay).

In addition to accommodating pleasure boats and other services, traditional Balearic boats known as llauts, are still docked at Puerto de Pollensa quay.

There are also all kinds of restaurants near the port area, where all visitors will find something to suit all tastes and budgets.

The Promenade

One of the area's most charming promenades is found along the coast of Puerto de Pollensa. It’s a spot you'll definitely want to visit!

The Promenade

The promenade is pedestrianised, affording a special kind of peace where you can enjoy the sunset without the noise and disturbance of road traffic.

The first part of the promenade starts at the main road that leads to the harbour on both sides. This is the most commercial area, but the most charming part is towards Pine Walk.

Pine Walk is a walkway that starts at the Flora Aparthotel and heads northwards, ending at the military area of the seaplane base.

Around the
town square

Port Pollensa markets

The area of the square of Puerto de Pollensa

the town square

A bit further inland, you’ll find the area around the church square. A local market is held at this square every Wednesday. You’ll find fruit, vegetables and zero-kilometre products at its stalls.

In addition to the Wednesday market (8am-1:30pm), you’ll find many restaurants and bars with spacious terraces around Puerto de Pollensa's square. Although the area is not on the seafront, it’s one of the most visited because of everything it has to offer.

in Puerto

Restaurantes en Puerto de Pollensa

Restaurants in
Puerto Pollensa

The port area has a wide range of gastronomic options. You can check out the details and recommendations in our section ‘Restaurants in Puerto de Pollensa’, but safe to say there are many options.

Fish, rice dishes, pasta and tapas are just some of the many food options you’ll find at the Port.

Restaurants usually stay open till late, as lots of locals and tourists enjoy spending long periods of time in the area.

Visitors to
Puerto de Pollensa

This area on the north coast of Mallorca receives a large number of visitors every summer. Many of them are tourists from the UK and Germany who come every year to a place that many already consider their second home.

Families, couples and visitors of all ages are regular visitors to Puerto Pollensa, and they feel a great affection for the area.

It is above all a respectful and pleasant kind of tourism, one that is in line with charm of the area and allows you to enjoy it to the maximum. A significant number of tourists come to the area to enjoy sport in Puerto Pollensa.


What to see in
Puerto Pollensa

The area boasts some of the most famous beaches and coves in Mallorca. The emblematic bay of Formentor, which ends at the lighthouse of the same name, is a must-see for all visitors.

What to see

Along the coast you’ll find unique spots that are not always easy to access. A good option is to rent a small boat to explore them.

In our section on coves and beaches in Puerto de Pollensa, we give you keys tips to discover the main and most emblematic spots in the area.

In addition to Puerto de Pollensa, which has plenty of charm to offer visitors, from here you can access the Serra de Tramuntana. This mountain range runs through the north of the island of Mallorca, and there’s so much to discover.

Mountains above Puerto de Pollensa

Mountains above Puerto de Pollensa

in Puerto

Aparthotel in Puerto de Pollensa with swimming pool

Swimming pool of the Aparthotel Flora in Puerto de Pollensa

in Puerto Pollensa

If you want to spend a few days in the area of Puerto de Pollensa, one of the most interesting options is an apartment or aparthotel.

An apartment gives you independence, so you can cook and prepare excursions and activities with total freedom.

One of the options we suggest is the Habitat Apartments. Located at the entrance of the town, here you can enjoy a totally independent apartment with shared facilities such as a swimming pool.

If you want the benefits of hotel services but without giving up your space, the Flora Aparthotel offers you everything you need. In addition to having your own flat with kitchen, Flora has additional services such as pools, a bar-restaurant, breakfast... All located close to the sea, with the promenade and the beach less than a minute away.

in Puerto
de Pollensa

Recepción Aparthotel Flora

Reception desk at Flora Apartments in Puerto Pollensa

Services in Puerto
de Pollensa

The area of Puerto de Pollensa has all the services any visitor needs, including large supermarkets, all kinds of shops, medical services, etc.

Thanks to their great location, Habitat, Flora and Massol have all these services just a few minutes away. If you need us to help you plan your next stay in Puerto Pollensa, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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